The Retreat will begin on Friday 26 August at 18.45 and continue until 13.45 on Sunday 28 August. Activities will begin 10.00 on Saturday and at 09.15 on Sunday. The Program for Friday and Saturday will end at 22.30. The program will leave time for contemplative walks by the sea and opportunities to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. See full schedule.

A warm vegetarian meal will be served in the afternoons of Saturday and Sunday. All through the days of the retreat a self-serving buffet table will be available with sandwiches, fruit and drinks. All food served at the retreat will be vegan or vegetarian. Participants with dietary restrictions or allergies are kindly requested to bring their own food.

For those bringing children, please note that children are not expected to take part in the lectures and dhikr sessions. Parents will be responsible for arranging supervision and activities for their children during these times. We recommend that all parents with children, between themselves, organize a rotary system for the supervision of their children during talks and dhikr sessions; a separate building (Flickhuset) in direction connection to the main event area will be reserved for this purpose.

Speaker and facilitators

Shaykh Mohammad Muslim Eneborg is a Swedish imam, spiritual guide and teacher. After converting to Islam when he was 20 years old, he travelled the Islamic world extensively, particularly North Africa and the Indian subcontinent. These varied insights and experiences would later influence his characteristic balanced and informed view of Islam. After his travels, he settled in the UK where he completed an ‘Alimiyya (religious sciences) course. He began his studies at the Tablighi Markaz in Dewsbury before moving on to study in India and later at Darul Uloom Bury, Europe’s oldest traditional Islamic college. He has since then worked as an imam at several mosques in the UK and Sweden, taught Islam at universities and other institutions, and is engaged in dialogue and debates about inter-religious cooperation and the role of religion in the modern world. He is often approached by the media to comment on issues relating to Muslims in Europe. A spiritual guide in the Chishti, Naqshbandi, Qadiri and Suhrawardi traditions, Shaykh Muslim is a fountain of guidance and spiritual instruction for seekers of all ages and persuasions, in Sweden as well as abroad.

Yusuf Muslim Eneborg is an anthropologist and historian of religions. He is one of the facilitators of the retreat and will be responsible for leading the moving meditations sessions. Having been raised in a traditional Indian Sufi community in Britain, he has acquired a deeper spiritual interest in both a personal and professional capacity.

Friday 26 august

17.45 Registration
18.45 Welcome and Qur’an recitation
19.00 Talk by Shaykh Muslim
20.00 Break
20.45 Maghrib prayer
21.15 Singing qasidas/ilahis
21.45 Twelve tasbih dhikr with Shaykh Muslim
22.30 Isha prayer

Saturday 27 August

04.30 Fajr prayer
04.45 Silent dhikr/meditation with Shaykh Muslim

10.00 Moving meditation with Yusuf Muslim
10.15 Silent Dhikr/meditation with Shaykh Muslim
10.45 Talk by Shaykh Muslim
11.45 Break
12.15 Talk by Shaykh Muslim
13.15 Dhuhr prayer and break
14.00 Lunch
15.00 Break
17.15 Asr prayer
17.30 Moving meditation with Yusuf Muslim
18.00 Break
18.30 Talk by Shaykh Muslim
19.30 Break
20.00 Talk by Shaykh Muslim
20.45 Maghrib prayer
21.15 Singing qasidas/ilahis
21.45 Twelve tasbih dhikr with Shaykh Muslim
22.30 Isha prayer

Sunday 28 August

04.30 Fajr prayer
04.45 Silent dhikr/meditation with Shaykh Muslim

09.15 Moving meditation with Yusuf Muslim
09.30 Silent dhikr/meditation with Shaykh Muslim
10.00 Talk by Shaykh Muslim
11.00 Break
11.30 Talk by Shaykh Muslim
12.15 Break
12.45 Q&A session with Shaykh Muslim
13.15 Concluding words by Shaykh Muslim
13.20 Dhuhr prayer
13.45 Lunch/Dinner and end of retreat